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May 2017
BJJ Seminar and Testing

June 2014
Karate and MMA

Congratulations to everyone on their new rank
Logan Davis promoted to 1st Dan Jr. Blackbelt
Jerry Morris promoted to 4th Dan Master Instructor
2013 Christmas Karate Tournament

July 2013 Karate Testing
Congratulations to Jerrod Bullock on becoming our newest Junior Black Belt.

June 2013 Karate Testing

April 2013
Karate Testing

2013 Hall of Honors 

March 2013 Karate Testing

August 2012 Karate Testing
The August Karate Testing presented several new students being promoted and also one new Junior Blackbelt. The new Junior Blackbelt promoted was Victor Hermida. Everyone did very well on their test. Congratulations to everyone on their promotions. 

July 2012 Testing
During our July 2012 Karate Testing, there were several students who were promoted to Black Belt. Among those were : Ed Wilbanks (1st Dan in SaJaDo), Joseph Wilbanks (1st Dan Jr. Blackbelt in SaJaDo), and Sarah Wilbanks (1st Dan Jr. Blackbelt in SaJaDo). Congratulations to our newly appointed black belts and also to everyone else who was promoted to their next rank. 

Newly Appointed Blackbelts 
June 2012

Recently there were several black belt testings. The following students and instructors were either newly appointed to 1st Dan or ranked to higher dan grade: Robert Morris (3rd Dan in SaJaDo), Justin Watts ( 2nd Dan Jr. Blackbelt in SaJaDo, 1st Dan in KoBuMooKiDo), Jake Watts ( EeDanBo in SaJaDo and 1st Dan in KoBuMooKiDo), and Charlie Averett (1st Dan Jr. Blackbelt in SaJaDo).

June 2012 
Karate Summer Camp

Master Grissom promoted 
to 8th Dan 
by GrandMaster Derman Hodge 
and awarded title of 

GM Hodge and GM Grissom
Lion's Den Martial Arts 
2012 Hall of Honor Banquet

Lion's Den Martial Arts
 2012 Seminar

February 2012 Karate Testing

New Tang Soo Do Blackbelt
Chuck Hutchings recently was promoted to 1st Dan Blackbelt in Tang Soo Do. Chuck is from Yorba Linda, California. Chuck started out in Master Grissom's Home Study program and ranked to 1st Gup but decided to travel to North Carolina and train with Master Grissom to prepare for his 1st Dan testing. Mr. Hutchings not only earned his 1st Dan in Tang Soo Do under Master Grissom but was appointed Northwest Regional Director for the International SaJa Tang Soo Do Association.
Congratulations to Mr. Hutchings!!!

New Shim Soo Gum Do BlackBelt

Congratulations to Robert Reynolds of Colorado on his appointment to 1st Dan Blackbelt in Shim Soo Gum Do. Master Reynolds is not only a student of Lion's Den Martial Arts but he is also a Charter Member and West Region Director for the International Combat SaJaDo Union, International SaJa Tang Soo Do Association and the World Shim Soo Gum Do Federation.

July 2011 Karate Testing

June 2011
Karate Testing

May 2011 Karate Testing

May 2011 Karate Tournament

March 2011 Karate Testing

2011 Hall of Honor Inductees

November 2010
Karate Testing

September 2010
Karate Testing

August 2010
Fight Night
Back to School Party